SaltLESS Burger mania 

Not only are these burgers Unsalted. They are also vegetarian 😮 and soooooo tastefull. It truly is my best healthy fast food achievement so far.

With a total salinity of 1 egg, no meat and no additives it s the healtiest burger ever !

You need 2 sweet potatoes, 200gr of lentils. Cook and mince.

Mix 2tbs of flour, 1 egg and breadcrumbs

Add cayenne pepper, cylantro, parsly…

Make burgers and bake them in unsalted butter.

Enjoy ! 😎

No salt Mushrooms from Heaven

The easiest quick and tasty hot lunch ever.

You can even make them from leftovers !

The only thing you need is a few slices of bread to toast and some mushrooms. Toast the bread, cut and cook your mushrooms with a little pepper, lemonthyme and a dash of brandy if you like. Et Voila 

Easy unsalted leftover cooking

After a dinner party two days ago i still had a fridge full of leftovers. Since i really don’t like trowing food away i had to use it today !

This salad is so quick and easy to make and healthy. It’s not completely saltless but hey, we’re on holiday. 

With a total salinity of 1,99gr/100gr it’s totaly acceptable.

Just take some shrimps, make your own cocktailsauce with saltless dressing. Put some salad and left over veggies on a i used green asparagus, babycarrots, chicory and tomatoes. And don’t forget fresh herbs.

The possibilty’s are endless and the taste is awesome

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Coffee is the best way to start the day

I find coffee to be a magical drink. In the morning, during the day, after lunch and even after dinner. Maybe i have a small coffee addiction who knows 😊

Some say it’s very bad for you while others say it has some health benefits. It’s hard to know who’s right but i’m sure a few coffees a day won’t kill me.

One thing is sure…it’s Unsalted 🤘