Breakfast favourite

This will get you started in the morning. Delicious and totally Unsalted 


Nuts for nuts

Need a snack? 

Unsalted nuts are the best, tastefull, crunchy and fullfilling.

They are also a great addition to your salads & curries

SaltLESS Burger mania 

Not only are these burgers Unsalted. They are also vegetarian 😮 and soooooo tastefull. It truly is my best healthy fast food achievement so far.

With a total salinity of 1 egg, no meat and no additives it s the healtiest burger ever !

You need 2 sweet potatoes, 200gr of lentils. Cook and mince.

Mix 2tbs of flour, 1 egg and breadcrumbs

Add cayenne pepper, cylantro, parsly…

Make burgers and bake them in unsalted butter.

Enjoy ! 😎

No salt Mushrooms from Heaven

The easiest quick and tasty hot lunch ever.

You can even make them from leftovers !

The only thing you need is a few slices of bread to toast and some mushrooms. Toast the bread, cut and cook your mushrooms with a little pepper, lemonthyme and a dash of brandy if you like. Et Voila