Easy unsalted leftover cooking

After a dinner party two days ago i still had a fridge full of leftovers. Since i really don’t like trowing food away i had to use it today !

This salad is so quick and easy to make and healthy. It’s not completely saltless but hey, we’re on holiday. 

With a total salinity of 1,99gr/100gr it’s totaly acceptable.

Just take some shrimps, make your own cocktailsauce with saltless dressing. Put some salad and left over veggies on a plate..here i used green asparagus, babycarrots, chicory and tomatoes. And don’t forget fresh herbs.

The possibilty’s are endless and the taste is awesome

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Coffee is the best way to start the day

I find coffee to be a magical drink. In the morning, during the day, after lunch and even after dinner. Maybe i have a small coffee addiction who knows 😊

Some say it’s very bad for you while others say it has some health benefits. It’s hard to know who’s right but i’m sure a few coffees a day won’t kill me.

One thing is sure…it’s Unsalted 🤘

Ready for the holidays

Hey it’s OK to have a Salted Christmas. Some salty snacks with a glass of champagne to start the evening. A salty starter with smoked duck. Generously stuffed turkey and fried potatoes. 

Just don’t forget once you are used to the diet your pallet has changed and you ll be much more sensitive to the salty taste so be sure to balance your flavours.